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Learn to make apps for the web the fun and effective way.


  • Fun and effective lessons targeted at the complete novice.


  • Limited volume of course material. The look of the site is not very flash.

Learn to make apps for the web the fun and effective way. provides interactive online courses that aim to teach web development in the most fun and effective way possible. The lessons include short coding challenges, games and quizzes that introduce, practice and review new concepts. The lessons contain minimal text, so students learn the ‘what’ and ‘why’ by completing carefully sequenced tasks, rather than reading lengthy explanations. By providing a gamified learning environment with points, badges and themed lessons, Code Avengers is designed to keep the attention of teenagers who struggle with finding time for homework, but always make time for computer games. Code Avengers also offers great support for teachers, by providing live updates of student progress.

Code Avengers is linked in with social media to make it easy for learners to share progress with their friends.

Based on user feedback, Code Avengers does the best job and catering for the needs of the absolute beginner. The level of difficulty and pace at which the lessons progress has been described by many as perfect. Many also say our lessons are more fun than all the others they tried. And best of all learners that complete our course, actually feel as thought they learnt a lot, without too much pain. Our support for teachers is also unique and very appealing for classroom use.

Anyone 10+ years old who wants to get into making web sites or apps but has 0 experience, will get the perfect introduction to web app development with Code Avengers.

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